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Glass Door Replacement for Home and Business in Sydney

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24/7 Home and Business Glass Door Replacement

Having a broken or cracked glass door is a major hazard for your home or business. Replacing a broken home glass door is an essential task that needs to be done to restore the safety and security of your home or business. A broken glass door not only affects the aesthetic appeal but also creates a security risk, leaving your home or business vulnerable to unwanted intrusions. Our team of professional glaziers are here to help replace your broken glass door.

When it comes to broken glass door replacement, there are several options available, depending on the extent of the damage. If the glass has minor crack or chip, you can try DIY tools to repair the damage rather than replacing the entire door. However, if the glass is shattered or the door is warped or damaged beyond repair, a replacement is the best option. In this case, our professional glass installers can help you select the right replacement glass door and install it correctly to ensure it meets safety and security standards. With a new, secure glass door, you can restore the safety and beauty of your home or business.
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What's involved in replacing a broken glass door

What's involved in replacing a broken glass door

Replacing a broken glass door involves several steps to ensure that the new door is installed safely and securely. The first step is to remove the damaged door from the frame, being careful not to damage the surrounding frame or hardware. Our glaziers will remove the glass from the door, and we’ll clean up any remaining fragments thoroughly to avoid any safety hazards.

Once the old door is removed, our glaziers will accurately measure the door frame to ensure the new glass door will fit properly. We cut glass to size onsite. The installation process will then begin, which typically involves fitting the new glass door into the frame and securing it with a combination of caulking, putty, and screws. The door handle and hardware will also be installed, and our installer will ensure the door opens and closes smoothly and securely. Finally, a thorough inspection will be conducted to ensure the door meets safety and quality standards before it is deemed fit for use.

Overall, replacing a broken home, business glass door requires a high level of skill and expertise to ensure that the new door is installed correctly and safely. Our experienced professional glaziers can ensure that your new door is a perfect fit for you.

How much does it cost for Glass Door Replacement in Sydney?

The average price for Glass Door Replacement in Sydney starts around the $240 mark and depending on what needs to be repaired or replaced, can increase to $350+

The prices are general information and should be used as a guide only. This information should not be used as fixed quote.
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How long does it take to replace my broken glass door?

We provide easy FREE quotes over the phone as long as we have all details of your glass.

Our glaziers carry popular glass in our vehicles. We can cut glass to size onsite and complete most services on the same day.

For oversized glass, custom-made glass, or preferred glass material that you prefer, we may need to custom-order for you. Depending on your requirements, our glaziers will provide an estimated turn-around time accordingly.

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What‘s included when you use our glass replacement services

Expert Glaziers

Our glaziers have over 15 years of experience with both homes and commercial projects.

Free quote

A Free, obligation-free quote is given as simple as over the phone. It's up to you to decide if you want to proceed with our quote.

Same-day services

We provide same-day glass replacement. Most repairs are completed on the same day.

High quality glass

We use high-quality glass that suits your budget. Many come with 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Customer reviews for our glass replacement services

We collect both offline customer testimonials and online 4.9 / 5 rating on Google reviews

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Fantastic experience with SYD City Glass. I needed someone to replace my broken glass door at home as an emergency matter. I called them outside normal business hours and was given a quote over the phone quickly. A glazier was sent out on the same day and the service was completed in the same visit. Highly recommended and will call again if I need their services again in the future.


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Great company, easy to deal with. My husband and I were both happy with their work. Very professional!!


Just yesterday, I gave Syd City Glass a ring when my kids had a little accident and sent a ball flying through our bedroom window. Today, Dorian showed up right on time and managed to fix the window i... read more

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